• Scientists in government: Dr. Jasmine Clark (GA State Rep...

    We’re back at AAAS for a second year! This time, Nature N8 chats with Representative Dr. Jasmine Clark, a microbiologist who organized the March for Science in Atlanta, and was part of the following wave of scientists that ran for office in the United States. N8 and... more

  • Dog noses detect heat, the world faces coronavirus, and...

    This Science Podcast episode from March 2020 features stories on how dog noses detect heat, reporters breaking news on coronavirus, and the newest technologies being used by scientists searching for extraterrestrial life. The final interview on the search for alien... more

  • Viruses, Lords of Creation

    Exploring the little-known viral universe These tiny, ancient predators do more than cause pandemics. Host Kenneth Cukier and science editor Geoff Carr investigate how viruses have shaped the world. Evolutionary biologist David Enard explains how viruses have driven... more

  • The Metaverse is Coming

    Computer-generated virtual worlds are going mainstream We explore computer-generated virtual worlds and their use in everything from filmmaking to architecture. What will it take to build a real Metaverse, a persistent virtual world that anyone can plug into? This... more

  • ASU: Remarks from Executive Vice President of ASU's...

    This session is available for all registrantsThis session is a live event only and will not be recorded for future viewingPresented by: Join Dr. Sally Morton as she concludes the final day of the AAAS conference. Sally C. Morton, PhD, is executive vice